What am I doing?

A 365 day challenge of status updates.  Because I think sometimes that I’m mad and that I’m weird and I’m questioning whether that’s true.  So I’m going to share my thoughts with the world and let other people give me advice or listen to my stories.  Maybe there are other people out there who feel the same things sometimes, maybe they can help me, maybe I can help them.  All I know is that there’s a lot of stuff going round and round in my mind and it probably needs expressing or discussing.  If I can do this every day and keep it up, I hope I can get myself back on track.  I think honesty is the key, so I’m going to be honest.  I’ve been being honest on Facebook but it’s probably better if people choose to hear me rather than having no choice.  Facebook just can’t handle my status updates at the moment so they need a place to go instead.
My diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder/Post-traumatic Stress/Depression with anxiety.  I also have an undiagnosed nerve pain problem which gives me fit like spasms in my muscles and leaves me with Chronic Fatigue, that’s been going on now for about 5-6 years. 2012 was so, so bad. But I don’t want to start with this.  I want to start with my goals for this year, and then see if I reach them.
All life is an experiment, so let this be one.


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