Day 6

Couldn’t sleep last night, facebook people going round and round in my mind. Emailed somebody to ask them to remove a school picture of me that was upsetting me, had no answer.
Slept all day.
Have moved to sleep in the living room for a few days because I can sleep in here and not in my bedroom.
It’s chronic fatigue I think cause I’ve been twitching and shaking a bit, oh and dribbling. I don’t even have the energy to go and get my tablets. The careline people called me twice today to remind me to take them. They are next to me now cause I get embarrassed when the careline people call. I always think that they must think I’m lazy cause the pill spaceship makes a really loud alarm noise for half and hour before it dials through to them. They must think I’m taking the Mick.
Going back to sleep now, just awake from 7pm to midnight, mostly to catch the spaceship from embarrassing me.
Try again tomorrow.
Need milk and cigs and electric, so kind of an emergency in terms of needing to leave the house. Probably need sunlight as well.
Night x


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