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a letter to myself at 34yrs old

I love you every day, even on the days when I’m convinced I don’t or can’t.

There’s the smallest possibility that things can change and you believe that even when you forget it or when possibilities seem gone forever.

I don’t think its easy for one to know how to love oneself but I do think its more sensible to fall in love with your life. Because that includes everything around you and not just within you.

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen the worst, and worse things happen. That might just mean you also haven’t seen the best and that better things may happen too.

Be at your funeral, see it in your mind at your worst moments and see all the love there is in the room for you, let it light up your heart and give you the strength to go on.

Tell people you need help, accept it and don’t ever be ashamed of saying you have a mental illness. Say it with pride because only you knows the battle fought to be where you are, let that knowledge give you the courage to stand tall.

Accept adversity and don’t let it stress you out. Everything that happens happens to others and they find a way of coping. Ask them how.

Remember, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. One life. Live it to the best of your ability and follow your heart.

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